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University and School Holiday Course

Our Etiquette courses run during the University and School Holidays,

Check our schedule for forthcoming dates.

Are you wondering what to do with your teenagers these school holidays? How about you let us turn them into responsible young people?

Sydney Etiquette College holiday workshops cater for teenagers male and female. This four-day workshop provides important skills, including how to handle peer group pressure and bullying and how to improve self-esteem. Subjects such as presentation, grooming, public speaking, organising a CV and interview technique, motivation, posture, and etiquette are just some of the topics covered.

We also include a professional photo shoot, make over and styling.

For those interested in Modelling or Promotional work and would like to be represented by Sydney Model Agency, we offer a fifth day, which includes everything essential to become a model.

This course takes place during the school and university holidays at our training rooms at North Sydney.

Etiquette Course Outline

  • Day 1


    Introduction, Grooming, Posture, Poise,
    Walking and Sitting Correctly.

    Confidence Attitude and Self-Esteem
    Respect and Personality
    Social and Telephone Etiquette
    Photo Posing

  • Day 2


    Skin and Hair Care
    How to Apply Make-Up
    Introductions and Protocol
    Diet and Nutrition

    Table Etiquette
    Telephone Etiquette
    High Tea Etiquette
    Stress Management and Bullying
    Coping with Peer Group Pressure
    Revision - Walking and Standing
    Photo Posing

  • Day 3


    Social Media Etiquette
    Public Speaking
    Organising your CV/Resume
    Job Interview Technique
    Revision - Walking and Standing
    Motivation and Good/Bad Stress

    Fashion Co-ordination and Style
    Final Photo Posing Session

  • Day 4


    Professional Make-Over
    Professional Hairstyling
    Professional Photo Shoot

  • Day 5

    Model Day (Optional)

    Choreographed Catwalk
    Modelling as a Business
    Media Training
    Comparing Parades
    Auditions and Castings

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